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This script is for animators to Lock any object (great for IK controls) to any temporary parent, such as a handrail or a bone etc, and it bakes the animation. The user can choose to snap the control to the center of the object or with the offset still in place (offset is on by default)

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Easy animate

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FumeFx range sync

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Simple Reverse Animation

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This script reverses any animation while keeping the original animation range of each object.

Animation Range Tool

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This is a simple Macro script which makes it possible to manage and to save (txt files) several animations ranges.

Delete animation ranges by rigth click on it.

NEW: It's possible to assign a selected camera

Scene Bracket

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SceneBracket simply allows you to set up a pair of frame tags that store the current time frame you are working in. If you need to move the timeslider range to see some other animation keys, you simply press the set button to return to the stored range. This is an invaluable time saver in animation production as ranges change for each shot in a length of scene audio.


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very simple script to shift key based on any object distance will shift key from them
with randomizing option very easy very simple
it`s just a smaller version of shiftkey
hope u like the script

Animation Range Presets

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A simple interface to manage animation ranges.

Track Crawler v1.0

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TrackCrawler v1.0


This script works with 3dsmax2009 (with creative extentions) or 3dsmax2010 since they included soundtrax (as ProSound).

There is an older version of the script that works with previous versions but the SoundTrax plug-in is required.

It can be found here: http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/lip-sync-helper-v0-33



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