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Attach to Surface

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Given and object and a surface, creates a surface-aligned helper and parents the object to it.


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I'm working on a mailscript in my spare time.
I have figured out how to send mail
This is not yet with a ui, but this is a function you can use in your scripts. This is written with dotnet and maxscript.


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Creates an attachment constraint from one object to another. By default this tool generates a point helper to attach to another object. 

This is useful if you need a locator to follow a deforming mesh such as a point-cached character.


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AttachmentAlign is a script to get automaticaly postioned your Helper with an Attachment Constraint.

- So you got your mesh (Editable Poly) ...
- You place your target (Point Helper), where you want the helper to be on your mesh (If you want to, use AutoGrid) ...
- Run the script and pick the mesh & helper

-> A new helper will be created and attachment constraint to the surface of the mesh at nearly the point were your target is.

Highest accuracy does take rly long and is not effective enough, i think, so use the default...

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