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Layer Manager to files Exporter

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A simple tool designed for 3d modelers to save time on exporting multiple objects and to allow them the freedom to continue working in one max file. Script allows exporting to the following formats using the layer manager: FBX,OBJ,3DS,ASE, and separate max files.

Drag & Drop Reference Images

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Quick Blueprint Creator

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This is my version of a blueprint maker.
Key features: drag n drop image, blueprints are always shaded even in wireframe mode.
Enjoy ;)


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Simple tool to turn off your PC at the end of rendering.

5 lines long script that does exactly this:

-Save the current max file.
-Launch the rendering.
-When the rendering end, close the current session and turns off the PC.

Swift-Switch (Includes V-Ray and Mental-Ray Presets)

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12 votes

What this will do is load up every single max file in the directory of your current scene file, and render each of them. Useful if you have a bunch of max files you want to render overnight on a single PC. You can just copy all those files into any directory, and set them all up with the render settings you want.
And then run the script, it will read all the max files in the present dir, and load them one at a time, and render each out.

Maxscript basics #4 - Superstrings + Automation

12 votes

Demonstration of superstrings and automating tasks

GA Layout - Automated Drawing Layout

15 votes

User InterfaceGA Layout v1.3.ms

Produce GA Layout drawings in either 1st or 3rd angle projection instantly!

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