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A simple tool designed for 3d modelers to save time on exporting multiple objects and to allow them the freedom to continue working in one max file. Script allows exporting to the following formats using the layer manager: FBX,OBJ,3DS,ASE, and separate max files.

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How to use:

Drop script into your Scripts folder.

Assign objects you wish to be exported together as one file to a new layer in the Layer Manager. Name the layer according to what you would like the exported file name to be.

Each layer with its assigned contents will be exported as its own file based on the format of your choosing and named according to its layer name. So if you have 10 layers in the Layer Manager you will get ten exported files.

Anything assigned to Default Layer 0 will not be exported. Use Default Layer 0 for anything you don't want to export out such as reference planes.

After layers are created simply run the script, select your format and target destination, and then click the export button.

Feature requests are welcomed...

Delayed bug fixes. No new features until version 3.

Current known bugs:
-layer list doesn't update automatically. You will need to restart the script each time you add a new layer into the layer manager.
- Dragging script into the viewport will result in script breaking. Script must be executed by maxscript-> RUN.

Version2 -
Added ability to save and delete destination locations. Added ability to set export format on a per layer basis.

Version1- cleaner interface with ability to select destination path.

Version Requirement: 
Made in 2012. Untested in older versions
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layertofileexporter.ms10.85 KB


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divide file by set amount

Can you make this so that it can automatically divide a large max file into a user defined number of max files. For example if there are 1000 objects in the scene, I'd select break into 5, and then each resulting new max file would contain 200 objects, and each file would have the original layer hierarchy.

Damn you computer.

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Thank you very much! That's what I was looking for!

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If you are still having

If you are still having issues, can you pleas post screen grabs of the errors? I cannot reproduce in max 2014.

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Sorry for the extremely late

Sorry for the extremely late reply. The crash is most likely occurring due to maxscript changes for the 2013 which affects the script. This script was made in max 2012 so definitely outdated for recent versions of max.

I will re-look into the script when I can and see if I can reproduce the issue in my max 2014 version.

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It crashes

I'm trying to use the script on 3d max 2013 and it works until I change the exporting file type. It worked with the initial file extension bun when I select a different file extension it gives me an error opens a word pad with the script's codes and it doesn't respond to no other command.
does anyone know how to fix it.
Thanx in advance.

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I'm trying to use it with 3d max 2013 and it works untill I want to change exporting file type. When I select a file extensin different from the initial one the script crashes an doesn't respond to any command. Does anyone have any idea what happens and how can I fix this prob.

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No forth coming Updates

Due to my busy schedule I will be unable to keep this script updated.

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Thanks again for testing it

Thanks again for testing it for me. I'll be sure to put a canceling fix as top priority before I work on the additional layer controls I wish to implement. Layer disable controls or adding selected layers is something I had planed for the next version along with a few smaller items.

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you have done it!

And i think it got alot better.i tested it and it worked flawless.. well almost flawless... see,
i forgot to choose "max "format and it tried to export in "ase" and "ase" format asked me the export options in a separate window.Then i tried to "cancel" yet it exported somefiles... so once you hit export , it will eventually export no matterwhat... not a big deal.

here are my suggestions if i may..?

* it does not remember the last selected format.

*ability to disable some layers for not to export...
Maybe if you can put "none" option in to the "select new format" section. so those layers dont get exported.

*Selecting multiple layers and assigning a format at once would be practical...

That's all from me :)

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That is a good idea. I will

That is a good idea. I will add that to the next version I have planned to release in the near future. Thanks!

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