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Save Selected With Maps

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It will collect/relink all selected objects bitmaps to the chosen folder, even if the bitmaps are just flagged "found" in the asset tracker, and it will save your selected objects to that same folder. If you don't want to change your scene bitmap paths, Save it before applying the script then reload the scene.

If path are missing or unsolved those maps will keep their missing or unsolved path, it will be easier to try to find them.

HQ Assets Tracker

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New update available. You can download it free at gumroad

hi everyone, have a good day. Just want to share with you a script that I use on my daily basic. It's assets tracking/collecting scripts. It's free and you can use it for all purposes. Type 0$ on the price and you can download it for free. Please view the detail on my gumroad page
My script now supports English and Vietnamese. If you want to translate this script to your language, please contact me

turboTools - Making your workflow that much faster

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tuboTools V2

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