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TronoTools: Out Of Range Type Handler

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Quick tool for handling Out of Range Type animation.

This tool lets you select multiple objects of all kinds and set or disable their out of range type (ORT). You can select to only affect the position, rotation, scale or modifier/custom attribute tracks as you want. If you need support for materials or similar the code should be easy to read and modifiy for any coder. Or just let me know and I might implement it ;)

Bullet / laser generator

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This is a little script I wrote for a project I'm currently working on. It adds some extra controls to any maxNode and transforms it to a bullet (or laser beams) generator. The bullets (or laser beams) will come from the local Z-axis of the object.

There's two files attached; a .ms with a Custom Attributes definition, and a simple Max (2010) file with the custom attribute added to a Point Helper. It's very simple to use, the interface is self-explanatory, and tho code is open.

To apply the Custom Attributes to your objects, execute the script (once), select the object you want to transform in the bullet generator, and then type in the listener: custAttributes.add $.baseobject laserGunCA



Finger Rig

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User InterfaceFinger Rig v1.0.ms - Maxscript that helps you quickly build a simple

hand finger rig with custom attributes controller.

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