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Maxscript Encrypt and Protect

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20190803 Update
4.4:Fix partial version compatibility(amount:41).
20190630 Update
4.1:Fix max 2016 crash.

20190619 Update
More than a year later, a new version is being released.

Functional overview:
Loading the maxscript source code into the memory sandbox to run, using .NET SDK and C++ API development.

Support version:
3dsMax(X64) 2012 -2020

additional support:

Encrypt Script Utility

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Scripted Utility to quickly encrypt a maxscript using the following method:

Object Encrypter

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Objecty Encrypter helps you to securely encrypt and decrypt your objects using the passwords that you defined....
It works on 3d Studio max, i hope you like it!

bf :: Caesar cipher

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Final release.


Hello ! Tongue Out

I want to share with you my maxscript implementation of the Caesar cipher.


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Little tool for easier encrypting of .mcr files.

- err... well, now its actually works
- generates loader

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