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Maxscript Encrypt and Protect

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Seeing the discussion on protection scripts, I would like to tell you my view that there is no perfect protection. Only by increasing the difficulty of cracking can we maintain the victory. At the same time, security is a dark forest, the best way is not to expose yourself.

2021.03.28 Update
Support 3dsmax 2022
Support 'getThisScriptFilename' and other functions.

2020.08.02 Update
Add hardware binding to your code with one click.

Encrypt Script Utility

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Scripted Utility to quickly encrypt a maxscript using the following method:

Object Encrypter

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Objecty Encrypter helps you to securely encrypt and decrypt your objects using the passwords that you defined....
It works on 3d Studio max, i hope you like it!

bf :: Caesar cipher

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Final release.


Hello ! Tongue Out

I want to share with you my maxscript implementation of the Caesar cipher.


4 votes

Little tool for easier encrypting of .mcr files.

- err... well, now its actually works
- generates loader

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