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Achitecture to Standard Material Converter

3 votes

- Upon running the script, it will ask for confirmation. (the script overwrites existing materials)
- Reports unconvertible materials in the output window
- Using the log, fix the remaining materials manually

v0.8 - original names should stick around on all materials now.


6 votes


A script requested in the forum.
Useful for some game engines.


G.M.A.D. Tools

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Here is a maxscript utility pack called "G-Model-Animation-Design Tools" (or G.M.A.D.)

Key features:


  • - Merge objects by layer name
  • - Scale objects positions without rescaling the objects themselves
  • - Color converter (int-float-hex-colorpicker)
  • - Flip animation "sign" (up-down-up -> down-up-down)
  • - Copy animation from one object to another
  • - Display float time of current frame in seconds

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