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Architecture to Standard Material Converter

4 votes

This macroscript converts Architectural materials to Standard materials for use with VR exporters that require this setup.

makeLODs - 3D Studio Max automatic LOD creation script

2 votes

Script i wrote to automate one of tasks i spent too much time on:
Automatic LOD creation, with customisable reduction percentages and nice naming sheme.

Any feedback / suggestions are welcome.

After running this script, you can find it under category _Piro_Tools, with name makeLODs 0.3.

Presentation on how it works: https://www.youtube.com/embed/D33Shhms5O8

Stretchy Bones Converter

1 vote

Script for automating the process of getting 3dsMax's native stretchy bones into any game engine: creating a separate de-hierarchized bone structure that follows the motion of the base bone structure and automatically migrating skin weights on a mesh to those new bones.

Select the bones that you want to be affected with "Pick bones" button.
Select the affected mesh with a skin modifier with "Pick skinned object" button.
Press "Convert and reskin" button.



6 votes


A script requested in the forum.
Useful for some game engines.


G.M.A.D. Tools

3 votes

Here is a maxscript utility pack called "G-Model-Animation-Design Tools" (or G.M.A.D.)

Key features:


  • - Merge objects by layer name
  • - Scale objects positions without rescaling the objects themselves
  • - Color converter (int-float-hex-colorpicker)
  • - Flip animation "sign" (up-down-up -> down-up-down)
  • - Copy animation from one object to another
  • - Display float time of current frame in seconds

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