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Fence Generator

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Enhance your 3D modeling workflow with our Spline-to-Fence Converter tool built with Maxscript. Easily transform splines in your scene into realistic fences and posts with just a few clicks. Choose from a selection of 11 fence types tailored to your project needs, and customize specifics such as fence height, number of posts, gap between planks, and more.

Curtain-wall Wizard

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Update : URL link updated as the old link was wrong. Apologies for any frustration caused!

The Curtainwall Wizard allows you to take any polygonal object and
convert it into a curtainwall system; complete with glass, mullions,
and silicon joints. The resulting curtainwall is parametric so you can
make changes to the base mesh and it will update model in realtime.

Please see the page on my website for more information on this script .



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Let’s you modify the saturation of the Vray Fog color with Float numbers.

As you probably know, when you adjust the fog color in Vray you only have 255 levels, which most of the times its not enough as it jumps a lot from one number to the next, with this script you can have finer control of the fog color see the attached movie.

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