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Grab Viewport Plus

56 votes

Grab Viewport Plus

A requested script that add a few options to the standard Max screenshot tool:
   incremental save in given folder and prefix name,
+ forced toggle to Expert mode and maximize Viewport.

Backup Max INI File

63 votes

Made a copy of Max INI file and save it with the same name (3dsmax.ini) into Archives folder in Max 9 and higher, or into Autoback in previous.

Change priority

16 votes

With change priority you can set Max to start either with "Low" or with "Normal" priority. With this feature you can prevent from freezing your PC under heavy calculations such as Rendering.

Rotate Tools

11 votes

Compact dialog for simple preset rotations.

Has a type in for amount of degrees to rotate

buttons to rotate left or right.

Rotations are around the currently active axis. If there are multiple axis' selected, it will default to rotating around the Z axis

Pulldown of preset values to rotate (1,5,15,30,etc...)

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