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Frame Maker

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A tool used to quickly create picture frames from selected images, with the correct ratio according to the imported image file. It can be used to create multiple picture frames at the same time in just a few clicks, with many options in size, profile, colors and glass. Supports Corona, Vray and Standard materials. 


Easy Spring Controller Tool

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I made this script last year , but Now i made it more usable for everyone as (Spring Controller Tool)
1) Add Spring Controller to hierarchy of bones,Objects or etc...
2) Add Spring To Selection Objects (its Require The Object Hierarchy Links)
3) Add A Modifier Controller For Each Spring Controller
4) Change The Spring Values One By One
5) Change Spring Values Of Massive Group Of Objects In Hierarchy At Once , Using Offset
6) 2 Default Presets To Change Spring Values Quikly
7) Run Timeline After Every Change To Spring Value (For Catch Spring And Play Fast After)

Football Ball Maker

19 votes

This simple script create football/soccer ball. The resulted mesh is a high poly (18.000) ball with a multi/sub-object material, white ball with black patches.

Simple Window Maker

16 votes

Simple Window Maker v1.1.msĀ 

Simple Window Maker allows the user to
generate simple windows on mass across
the facade of a building, rather having to
model each one, or duplicate from elsewhere....

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