Easy Spring Controller Tool

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Hamed Pourkerman

I made this script last year , but Now i made it more usable for everyone as (Spring Controller Tool)
1) Add Spring Controller to hierarchy of bones,Objects or etc...
2) Add Spring To Selection Objects (its Require The Object Hierarchy Links)
3) Add A Modifier Controller For Each Spring Controller
4) Change The Spring Values One By One
5) Change Spring Values Of Massive Group Of Objects In Hierarchy At Once , Using Offset
6) 2 Default Presets To Change Spring Values Quikly
7) Run Timeline After Every Change To Spring Value (For Catch Spring And Play Fast After)

Leave a Comment If You Find A Bug Please Or Like The Video on vimeo.com If You Find The Tool Useful :)

Thank You

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2010 - 2017
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springcontroller_easy_v0.6_hpk.mse22.53 KB