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33 votes

Custom manipulator objects like spline curves for rigging controls.

Biped Manipulator

28 votes
Biped Manipulator - MAX script, allows to select fast any objects/bones and also the whole groups of objects as arms, legs and spine. Since manipulator uses objects names to select objects/bones it is posible to use it with any riggs sytems like Character Studio, CAT, custom riggs etc. Biped Manipulator doesn't occupy much screen place. If there are several bipeds on the scene it is possible to use for convenience several Biped Manipulators.

Joystick Manipulator

8 votes

"Joystick Manipulator is a two-value scripted manipulator with the following features:

  • Multiline Text Field for long descriptive names
  • X and Y values with own Min. - Max.
  • Spinner Manipulator

    2 votes

    "Spinner Manipulator is a scripted manipulator with these options:

  • Multiline Text Field for long descriptive names
  • Reset Spinner to Min - Max and Default value by clicking on ticks.
  • User Colo
  • SuperSlider Manipulator

    4 votes

    "SuperSlider Manipulator is an enhanced version of the original Slider with these new options:

  • Multiline Text Field for long descriptive names
  • Ticks and Major Ticks display based on the original Snaps
  • Dial Manipulator

    5 votes

    "Dial Manipulator is a clock-like manipulator similar to the SuperSlider.

  • Multiline Text Field
  • Resizeable Clock Radius
  • Min and Max value meet at the right side.
  • SSelectFalloff Manipulator

    5 votes

    "Adds Manipulator for SoftSelection Falloff in Editable Poly
    Updated 6/26/01 to work in orthogonal views"


    7 votes

    Scripted Manipulator for Editable_Meshes


    8 votes

    Scripted Manipulator for Lines with or without Extrusions

    Joystick Manipulator

    6 votes

    A modified version of Bobo's Joystick Manipulator supporting NonUniform Scale and compounded valueXY for reaction manager purposes

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