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Project folders

18 votes

Stay organized with project folders. You can set the root folder where you save all your projects, set what are your default subfolders when you start a project and finally type your projects name.

*** export and import presets option / set as "Set Project Folder..." 25.03.09
*** rename function added 19.03.09

Point Parent

5 votes

This 3ds max script that helps you create hierarchies in one step which makes them replacement for 3ds max groups.

Quick Layer Organizer

31 votes

Simply create a layer and name it specific to what should go into the layer, for example "CHAR" for character geometry. Any character geometry you make you just need to remember to include "CHAR" in the object's name and when the Quick Layer Organizer is run it will find any objects with "CHAR" in the name and put them into the "CHAR" layer. Any objects that don't match the name a layer will remain in whatever layer they are currently in and the default layer is ignored during the organization.

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