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VRayProxy Animation Control

36 votes

For the new support for animated deforming meshes to VRayProxy object in VRay 1.50.SP2

How to control large numbers of proxy animated objects, randomly altering their values speed, frame offset and scale. Besides controlling all the parameters of VRay Proxy (display, playback, meshfile and selections)

Use with copies of proxies and work on selected objects.

Playback Tools

6 votes

This script offers easy to access tools for controlling animation time and playback, as well as the ability to save a few ranges to jump to.

It is a highly modified version of Jim Jagger's original Playback Tools and uses his icons.



- Player controls

- Playback speed controls

- UI hide toggle

- Time scrubber

- Compact and wider time scrubber mode (accessed via the thin bar below the small time scrubber)

- A separate rollout for storing up to four named time ranges


Playback Viewport

17 votes

Playback Viewport reproduces what I think is a killer feature of XSI (well, for animators though) :

It automatically switches to a viewport designated by the user when animation playback starts, and switches back to the previously working viewport once the animation stops.

Stepped Playback

16 votes

This script allows you to playback any animations in stepped mode. It simply goes through your trackbar keys one by one in real time. I use it to play my Biped animations in stepped mode since you can't change f-curves with the Biped. Enjoy!

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