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Lorne Brooks

This script offers easy to access tools for controlling animation time and playback, as well as the ability to save a few ranges to jump to.

It is a highly modified version of Jim Jagger's original Playback Tools and uses his icons.



- Player controls

- Playback speed controls

- UI hide toggle

- Time scrubber

- Compact and wider time scrubber mode (accessed via the thin bar below the small time scrubber)

- A separate rollout for storing up to four named time ranges




Version 1.3;

- Fixed a crash when clicking on a Goto button without a stored range already set.

- Added icon.


Version 1.2;

- Contact email changed.


Version 1.1;

- Recoded script as a struct to minimize global variables.

- Bug fixes.


Version 1.0;

- First release.



Additional Info: 

The script can be found in category “LB Tools”.


Drag the MZP file into your Max viewport.

Files will be copied to...




Version Requirement: 
3dsmax 2008-2019
old_1-2_lbtools_playback_tools.mzp6.36 KB
lbtools_playback_tools.mzp6.63 KB


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I love this

I love this
pls make not install version

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Re: I love this script but...

Hi Dave,

I tested the script again and it seems to work ok for me.

For the saved ranges section, once you've assigned a range by either clicking a FREE button or by manually setting a range using a [...] button, you can then click the Goto button for that range to set the time range to your stored range. If the time range is the same as the stored range nothing will happen. Try setting a range then change the time range to something else and click the Goto button - the time range should re-adjust to your stored range.

If that's not happening, try deleting the INI file using the DEL button at the bottom of the UI, then try storing and jumping to the range again after changing the time range.


EDIT: A bug was found with the Goto button that would crash if there was no stored range. Now fixed in 1.3.

Lorne Brooks

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I love this script but...

Hi Lorne,

I'm using Max 2011 and just installed your script. I chose this script because of it's simplicity and ease of use. As of now, it is not working for me. Maybe I am not using it correctly. When I select a range and press "Go To", nothing happens on the Timeline. I still see the original range. Do you have a video or some basic instructions?

Thanks for any help.

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