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QuadSphere is an Object Plugin that creates spheres made of quads, which are useful for low polygon modeling and mesh subdivision.

Unlike TurboSmooth, with QuadSphere you can specify a level of subdivisions that is not power of 2. Another advantage is that the areas of the faces are more evenly distributed than using a Box with TurboSmooth.

Additionally you can unify the Materials IDs, create hemispheres with or without caps, and convert the object to poly with a single click.


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GQuadSphere script will add Quadsphere to your tools (Create-Standard Primitives-GQuadSphere)

This script allows creating correct sphere with quad topology unlike using turbosmooth over a box.

When creating quadsphere you can set up radius, Subdivision (max 3).

Also you can create hemispheres (capped and open)

Installation: copy GQsphere.ms to your script startup directory or to
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2016\scripts\Startup\

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