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Edge Loop Regularizer EditPoly

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Edge loop regularizer for Edit Poly. This script is an extended version of the well known edge loop regularizer script. This version has a ported part of the original script that can handle edit poly objects. The only drawback is that it can be slower when you are planning to use it on an edit poly object, because how max is handling edit poly modifiers. If you are planning to use it on an edit poly modifier, it might better to detach the part you want to regularize, and than attach it back when you finished the modification.

Round Text

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Round Text Version 0.2

* Creates text in a circular shape
* Fully interactive UI : Spin the spinners and see the changes
* Tested with 3dsMax 9
* Free for any kind of use and modification
* By Psan, Distributed through Oormi Creations

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