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Select Similar Pro

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The alternative to "Select similar" command that selects not just objects of the same type, but objects that you consider to be visually similar! It uses different characteristics to compare objects such as polygon count and size. For instance, if you created several copies of a certain tree, you can select all the copies of this tree among a lot of other editable mesh.

Instance Identical Geometry

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Find identical objects (to chosen one) and instance them.

Instance Identical Geometry

What's new in version 2.0 :

  • process multiple (selected) objects at once
  • rollout (with pick button) removed
  • the script rewritten as macros

Select Similar Spline

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this script works like select similar faces in polyboost or gmt, but with splines. so feel free to test it an post some suggestions :)

it have two modes:
by segments - selects by spline segments and their lengths (most precise)
by length - selects by overal length of the spline (useful in some cases)

new in v2.1
by type - selects by knot type (bezier,corner,etc)

Select Similar Objects

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Select similar (to chosen) nodes by assembly of similarities.


Select Similar

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Allows you to select objects that are similar to the currently selected object. It will compare the bounding box size, mesh (vert, face, edge counts) and material either within the currently visible objects or all objects in the scene.

Demonstration video here

Select Similar Spline

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This script alows you select similar splines in subobject. It doesnt work very well yet but it works :)

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