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Spritey v0.1.1

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-- UPDATE(2022) : only fixed the link for this. Nothing else.

- v0.1.1 functions: Spritey takes a cell-spaced spritesheet and uses the texture space to create UV coordinate animation based upon your specified cell numbers.

- Example: 4 rows of 6 columns of sprite images on 1 texture/material makes 24 frames of animation. 32 rows of 32 columns of sprite images on 1 texture/material makes 1024 frames of animation.(After the animation is created, you can manipulate the frames, animation, fps, etc, for playback as you see fit.)

- Why make Spritey ?

Sprite Render Script

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This script will render animations and pack them into a sprite sheet. It exports the image file, the animation frame data as an XML file, and optionally a heightmap.

Improvements and Bug Fixes (v0.7)

+ Render Lists use XML. (they work now)
+ Included an option to turn cropping off.
+ Config settings are now written and read in a consistent way. (now it works)
+ Border padding has been fixed.
+ Added an option in the viewer to toggle the frame borders


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This tool converts 2D sprites into 3D in seconds.

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