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IKFK Stretch & Bend

2 votes

a script to generate an IK FK bend and stretch chain. You can easily switch between IK and FK, bend the arm, add as many twist bones as you want...


71 votes

This tool will change the color of bones based on their squash/stretch amount, providing the user with feedback if they have gone beyond a desired threshold. It will live update as you move around and animate in the viewport.

Bend Biped

3 votes

It adds to the biped bend joints on Arms and Legs.
A slider on Hands and Feets control the bend value.
It also can be use to create good twist bones.
It adds the ability to stretch the Arms and legs.

You just have to skin using these new bones and not the biped ones.
But you animate using the original biped bone

Stretch Bone Indicator

8 votes

This script will setup a script controller on the scale controller of the bone. The script controller will monitor whether the bone is being stretch below or beyond a set value, and color the bone to a user defined color.

The concept is taken from the free tutorial by Chris Thomas at; http://www.cg-academy.net/pages/free_tutorials/tut_scripted_color_to_length/tut_scripted_color.php

Stretchy Bone Chain

11 votes

This script makes a bone chain stretchable, in either squash or scale mode. Just double click the first bone of the chain and run the script.

The macroscript will be under the "Toke Scripts" category. This is my first official script, so if there are any problems please let me know.

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