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Expression Benchmark

4 votes

Animated Digits

7 votes

Digits changing by slider time.

changes in V02.0.0
1: the Digit can be convert to Number or Clock
2: Start and Stop frame is optional
3: Step size is optional
4: Start value is optional

Frodo's Magic Scripts Pack

74 votes


this is a small package of my latest scripts, i hope you'll find them usefull.

Camera lister - usefull for fast navigation and selection of scene cameras
Autobackup check - you'll never forget to turn autoback on
Speed meter - measures speed of selected object
Grider - slices object by grid
Center & Reset - resets xform and centers pivot
Aligh spline to Z - flattens spline in Z direction
Object ID - assigns random g-buffer ID to whole scene

Animation Timer - Animator's Stopwatch

7 votes

user interfaceAnimation Timer v1.7.ms

Animator's Stopwatch converts time to frames, with toolset allowing you to jump by frames or secs.

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