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this is a small package of my latest scripts, i hope you'll find them usefull.

Camera lister - usefull for fast navigation and selection of scene cameras
Autobackup check - you'll never forget to turn autoback on
Speed meter - measures speed of selected object
Grider - slices object by grid
Center & Reset - resets xform and centers pivot
Aligh spline to Z - flattens spline in Z direction
Object ID - assigns random g-buffer ID to whole scene
Get colors from CAD - after importing DWG it will set selected objects wirecolor by layers wirecolor so they will correspond to colors in CAD (its not 100% reliable)
Hide layer by object - is an experimental script and wont work properly with editable poly objects
Spline is open - selects all open splines in spline shape
Random select objects - with shift pressed set the selection set and then by clicking randomize selection within this selestion set
Rotate 90° - rotate selected object by 90° in active axis, hold shift to rotate in opposite direction
Pivot to vertex - puts pivot to selected vertex or to middle of selected verticies
Timer - measure work time, log destination is C:/
Vertex Conform - conform selectet verticies of editable poly object to targetet object(!WARNING! its better to wait until script done its wokr otherwise may cause crash)
Simple Traffic - creates simple trafic via path constraint

All scripts have dark scheme icons.

Install it by running fmsp_setup.mse.

Hope you like it. Any comments will be welcomed :)

New in v2:
- fixed fatal bugs that crashes max

New in v3:
- added "random select objects"
- added "hide layer by object" script
- added "spline is open" script
- align spline updated to v0.3
-> some bugs are fixed
- camera lister updated to v3.5
-> added function to copy cams with crtl
-> cam correction moved to tools
- grider updated to v 0.4.1
-> now creates grider modifier on the top of the mod stack

New in v3.1
- grider updated to v0.4.2 (thanks Lyga!)
-> fixed bad slicing
- added new script "rotate 90°"

New in v4
- several bug fixes in all scripts
- new auto-updating system
- hole structure of pack was reorganize, so if you have instaled pack v3.1 or bellow you can erease it

New in v4.1
- added "oneCam converter"
-> converts your scene cameras into one animated camera (works only with standart cameras)

New in v4.2
- fixed self-updater, that may freez max after start

New in v4.3
- added "pivot to vertex"
-> puts pivot to selected vertex or to middle of selected verticies
- added timer
-> measure work time, log destination is C:/

New in v4.4
- added "vertex conform"

New in v4.5
- added "simple traffic" (its in testing phase so any bug report here!)
- speed meter wrong measurement fix


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tested on 3ds max 2008
fmsp_setup.mse1.22 KB


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mad's picture


delete from 3ds max startup scripts
sorry its old and no longer in development...

Wilbert's picture

Auto update error

I keep getting a FMSP Auto-update error.
How do I disable the Auto-update ?

mad's picture

i think its because because

i think its because because most people use as system units milimeters or centimeters that were ok :)

anyway thanks again :)

Script_Butler's picture

No problem.

I'm not sure how no-ones mentioned it before, which is why I thought I might be wrong but having tested it thoroughly i was certain the new code is correct.

Thanks for changing it.



mad's picture

hi,thank you for your

thank you for your interest ill fix it,strange that i didnt notice this big bug :)

edit: fixed in v4.5

Script_Butler's picture

Speed Meter is incorrect

Hi mad.

Cracking script package, well done.

I needed a script that measures the speed of objects and remembered i had yor package so ran it. I knew what the speed of my object had to be, and i had calculated it over a certain frame range but your script said it was going 10 times slower than it actually was. So I had a look at your script and the problem lied in your getunits Function. So I tweaked the settings and now it displays the correct speed. I tested it in a mm, cm, m and km scene unit files and they all work lovely now.

Here are the values.

fn getUnits = (
		global unitsType
		case of (
			 (units.SystemType == #Millimeters) :unitsType = 1000
		     (units.SystemType == #Centimeters) : unitsType = 100
		     (units.SystemType == #Meters) : unitsType = 1
		     (units.SystemType == #Kilometers) : unitsType = 0.001
		     default : (messagebox "This script doesn't support yours system units" tittle:"ERROR")

I hope you don't mind but it seemed wrong to me and now it is correct.



mad's picture

hi everybody, i see that some

hi everybody,
i see that some points was added and im obviously glad for your points but please leave me here some echo so i can improve these sripts

mad's picture

my account in windows have

my account in windows has administrator rights so i didnt realize that this error can appear but it is consequent because script installer creates folders and copies data so windows can stop it so running max as administrator is right solution

loetzsch's picture

Solved: ---Error message while installing------

I solved the problem myself starting 3ds Max with Administration rights. Maybe that is helpfull for somebody else. Rightclick the 3ds Max Icon and choose "Start with Administrator rights" or somethhing like that (I have a german windows running).

I am trying to install your great srcipt on 3ds max design 2011 installed on vista ultimate 64 bit. Very shorty after running the install script from the utilities tab: maxscript I am getting the following error message: runtime error: copy error on file c:\program files\autodesk\3ds max design 2011\ui\icons\FrodosScripts
I think the problem is that Administration rights are needed, correct? I installed the sript on a windows xp machine with 3ds max design 2010 (not 2011) and there I had no problems.

Thx for any help,


mad's picture

hi, i have updated my script

i have updated my script pack. No new script was added but fatal bugs in Grider,Spline aling and CxR was fixed. Now max will not crash.

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