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Added tools Shapeselect, tmpSelect, ConstraintsEdge_Switcher

Viewport Toolbar

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Floating toolbar with current viewport settings.

Viewport Toolbar

AEI ToolBar

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Some errors has feedback  , and now  3 notices  to read , them will be fixed next release .

1、as  windows10 some systeminfo value are changed ,  the mzp will throw out error , if  you want to install with  the mzp ,  please change  .mzp to .zip , and open  "AEI_ToolBar_installer.ms" with any text editer  ,  find and delete string at 5 and 6  line , that's "if findString (sysinfo.getLanguage() as string) "chinese" > 0 then
version = 1" ,and then saved , change back .zip to .mzp , and drop in max to install .

2、don't use "Collate DB"  , there are  something  wrong ,  I will  rewrite the function .

3、if  you use windows10 , the buttons may disappear  until you  move mouse on  them , it  is right on windows7  ,  I will find the windows10's API to fix .

HDRI Material Override Toolbar

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Simple floating 'toolbar' example where you can quickly toggle reflection override for the current viewport (any custom picked hdri map will work) and set its rotation. Since it's just a viewport override, all the materials applied to the objects will be left untouched. Comes in handy for example when checking for shading errors.

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