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Some errors has feedback  , and now  3 notices  to read , them will be fixed next release .

1、as  windows10 some systeminfo value are changed ,  the mzp will throw out error , if  you want to install with  the mzp ,  please change  .mzp to .zip , and open  "" with any text editer  ,  find and delete string at 5 and 6  line , that's "if findString (sysinfo.getLanguage() as string) "chinese" > 0 then
version = 1" ,and then saved , change back .zip to .mzp , and drop in max to install .

2、don't use "Collate DB"  , there are  something  wrong ,  I will  rewrite the function .

3、if  you use windows10 , the buttons may disappear  until you  move mouse on  them , it  is right on windows7  ,  I will find the windows10's API to fix .

The script used to load other script like default toolbar ,but it's more convenient to use , you needn't convert your icon to 24x24 and create a channel image , and you will click to do your work with script has some function that need ctrl or alt keyboard .

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v2.0.0 : a new script not like v1 , you can change the language to your own , just change the language file , and you can change button size and font  etc . Now , you can add tabs to classify scripts , and you can add check button for two states script .

v1.0.1 alpha: repair the bug that when  start-up/new/reset or other operation change the viewport , then button changed to unclickable , thanks to "蓬荜生徽" .


v1.0.1 patch 1: the .net controls will disable redraw when docked , then if you open a new file or other operations ,the buttons will disappear , the patch can fix it . Run the patch after the ToolBar , you may create a .ms file , text the string :

filein "c:\\AEI_ToolBar.en v1.0.1 α.mse"
filein "c:\\AEI_ToolBar_patch_1.mse"

you may change the path to your own file path , and run the file instead the ToolBar file , the newer version is in design , it's temporary .


If v1: Storage "AEI_ToolBar.en v1.0.1 α.mse" and "AEI_ToolBar_patch_1.mse" anywhere ,  create a .ms file , text  strings mentioned above , put the .ms file in Startup path .
If v2: drop the .mzp in Max ,  and click  install button . 

The system didn't accept my site't domain , so I put it here , you may copy it to your browser .

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Tested on 2013 and higher
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aei_toolbar.en_v1.0.1_a.mse(English Version)106.18 KB
aei_toolbar_v1.0.1_a.mse(Chinese Version)112.43 KB
aei_toolbar_patch_1.mse(needed)1.44 KB
aei_toolbar_v1.0.1_a_2012.mse(Chinese Version , max 2012 and lower)109.44 KB
aei_toolbar.en_v1.0.1_a_2012.mse(English Version , max 2012 and lower)103.75 KB
aei_toolbar_v2.0.0.mzp166.68 KB


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大神居然回复了 :)

不知道为什么 2018启动会弹出错误(\scripts\Startup 我路径内ms清除 再启动问题依旧)

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Automatic Efficient Intelligent

We change the work state

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太好了 期待更新

太好了 期待更新

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Thank you.

Thank you.

For some reason installing it by dropping it into Max didn't work (threw the error I mentioned) and when I ran it as Admin, I could not drop mzp files (I believe it's a security thing now).

I unzipped as you mentioned and moved the appropriate files.

Seems to be working now. I'll report back if there's an issue.

This seems like exactly the sort of tool I was looking for. Thank you.

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Did you run max as

Did you run max as administrator? maybe max can't unzip temp files, you can try unzip manual , rename the .mzp to .zip , unzip "AEI_ToolBar" folder to your max-root-path\scripts\AEI\ path , the AEI path need create manual , then if you need run with max , unzip "" to your max-root-path\scripts\Startup\ path , then drop in "" or AEI\AEI_ToolBar\ "AEI_ToolBar.mse" file , if the toolbar appear , congratulations .
If it no effect , you may unzip all files in .mzp to C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\mzptmp2\ path , if the last folder "mzptmp2" already exist , you can create it to other as "mzptmp" + a number , such as "mzptmp6" or "mzptmp12" ,then drop in "" , if max throw out some errors , please feedback to me , I will fit them as soon as possible .

Automatic Efficient Intelligent

We change the work state

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Please excuse my confusion

I'm no MaxScript programmer.

This script looks exactly like what I'm looking for, but I'm confused about installing it in Max 2019.

I dropped the mzp file into Max, but it gave an error "-- No "">"" function for undefined"

Looking at your directions, it looks like I may need to edit something, but honestly, I don't know what needs to be edited.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm trying to install version 2.0.0.

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usefull script thanks for

usefull script thanks for sharing it .

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