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IKFK Stretch & Bend

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a script to generate an IK FK bend and stretch chain. You can easily switch between IK and FK, bend the arm, add as many twist bones as you want...


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A spline based rig. An alternative approach to using PathDeform with more control over twist and scale.

1. Create a straight Spline - every vertex on that spline will be a helper to control the position
2. Run Script
3. Pick Spline
4. Adjust X Y Z to align the orientation of the box to your spline
5. Adjust width and length
6. Set twist helpers - this controls the amount of helpers to control twist and scale
7. Subdivisions - this controls the final resolution of your mesh
8. Press Go

Character on biped

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Very flexible and fast script to generate a bone based skeleton over the 3ds max's biped. Useful for exportation into game engines like Unity or UDK
If you need bones rig, but want to use biped layers and motion captures in 3dsmax, this script is for you!

To start, just create biped, custom it in figure mode to match your character. When done, create a new empty layer, select any bip element, and click on script button. Bones will be created automatically on biped structure.

- Bones names are Unity3d Engine ready

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