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Karol Jagiello

Very flexible and fast script to generate a bone based skeleton over the 3ds max's biped. Useful for exportation into game engines like Unity or UDK
If you need bones rig, but want to use biped layers and motion captures in 3dsmax, this script is for you!

To start, just create biped, custom it in figure mode to match your character. When done, create a new empty layer, select any bip element, and click on script button. Bones will be created automatically on biped structure.

- Bones names are Unity3d Engine ready
- Entire skeleton is based on bones that have orientation and position constraints to Bip elements
- Bones that you don't have to "skin" have black and red colors
- All twists are done with look-at constraints
- All elements are created in current layer, so to keep it separated from bip, create a new empty layer for convenience
- After "skinning" your character with new bones, hide or freeze layer with bones and animate your character with biped

Little note; Animate your Bip Character's Hip with Bip001 instead of Bip001 Pelvis, otherwise Spine will separate from Hips, just like with Biped and this will not look good in unity3d.
To install it, copy script to:
"<3ds Max root>\scripts\Startup" folder, then customize your UI or ribbon, you will find it under
#Scripts "BipedTwistsCreator"

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v3.1.3 fixed hierarchy with lower Twists (TwistA was linked to upper limb), changed naming behavior, when there is one Spine bone it will be Spine, not Spine1, same for neck, toes and fingers.
v3.1.2 fixed shoulder color (messed it up in 3.1.1)
v3.1.1 fixed bug with neck hierarchy (it worked anyway because of pos constraints, but still it was there)
v3.1.0 divided twists function so it can be called for upper and lower twists separately
v3.0.0 rewrote core, and fixed some issues
v2.0.0 supposed to be final
v1.0.0 a bit experimental

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bipedtwists_v3.1.3.ms16.27 KB


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fixed shoulder color

shoulder color was black, fixed it to be orange like the rest. Sorry for frequent updates, I'm updating it as I use it to rig my character, and when I see some bug I update it on the fly.

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Please consider updating to 3.1.1

Fixed few issues with idiotic bip hierarchy in neck and spine.

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a) It's pretty much hard coded as it is now. I'm working on a different version now with this possibility, not as easy as it might look. I will consider integrating it in this one, when I'm done. But not so soon :(
b) It was made with Unity3d engine in mind, I made arrays with names, when you look in code, there are names you can change. When I have time I will do a little window with text boxes, so you will be able to enter any name you wish. Not so difficult to implement but hell lot of time consuming ;)
c) Ahhhh I knew someone will ask for this, biped has unlimited number of extras you can add, and there is nooo waaaay to find nodes for them, no array, no list, nothing... Only things I've seen in maxscript's manual are prop1, 2, 3 and ponytail. I will consider it in future. Unfortunately all Xtras and other stuff must be done manually.

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Great one

This is just great!
Good work!

Wishlist :D

a) Menu that allows you to set up the amount of twist bones you need.
b) Custom bone names (great if you need to transfer the skin that you already got on the biped bones)
c) Automatic bone creation for Xtra Bones. At the moment they are being ignored (why?) Same for ponytails\tails, they are just ignored!

Cheers and keep up the good work!

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