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Prepare Model 3DDD

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Requirements : 3Ds Max 2011 and greather, WinRar.

This script helps to prepare model before upload on 3ddd.ru/3dsky.org . With this script you can fast set model in center of scene, do Reset XForm, set pivot, create archive with all textures, and add export formats *.fbx, *obj etc.



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Want to share what you're working on right now in 3ds max? Post an image of your screen directly to your tumblr blog. It's as easy as one mouseclick with this script. Get many followers and awe your friends with your 3ds max prowess while keeping your boss up-to-date with your progress. More info on the blog.



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FTP Upload

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Simple script to upload files to a server via ftp.

Interface should be obvious.

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