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Zero-Center Pivot Switcher

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By cycle alignes an pivot point to zero and after to the center. It's very simple but very useful script works even if several objects are selected.

По циклу выравнивает pivot point к нулю, а потом к центру. Это очень простой, но очень полезный скрипт работает, даже если выделено несколько объектов.


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Very simple script for moving position of objects to zero
Очень простой скрипт для перемещения объектов в ноль


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A simple Script for moving the selected object to 0,0,0 at the touch of a single button.

To install simply copy the downloaded macroscript file to

You may need to enable show hidden files to access the folder.

After that you open 3ds max, go to customize> Customize User Interface> Toolbars. Under category find Oliver Emley and then drag Zero to an existing toolbar or create a new one.

Non-Destructive Freeze Transform

23 votes

Freeze and/or zero-out transforms on objects while keeping all existing controllers in-tact. This means any existing constraints, script controllers, expression controllers, noise controllers, etc., will still be there afterwards.


5 votes

Sets the position and rotaion to world zero and.

Run the macroscript and assign it to a toolbar, key or quad menu. 

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