The Rig Vadar

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David Knight

Simple Facial Animation script. Also provides a simple bone based rig.

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ajaysuthar2's picture

Installation of this script

How to install this script in 3ds max 2016, please show how to get it work.

A. K. Suthar

LUISGGT's picture

rig vadar

Hello my friend do you know how to install the Rig Vadar for Max? i'm a newbie here so please forgive me for this question.

Many thanks and keep it up :D

floatingworld's picture


I'm not sure what you're talking about here. If it is about the old script, forget about it. It's completely obsolete. I will be releasing the Rig Vadar shortly - it is of a different order of control, vastly more conprehensive. If you can afford $200 it will mkae your work many times easier.

sgiovanni's picture

To give you better bearings on the issues im having

hello, to give you a better bearing on issue i am having with the " make control osipa style script"

I narrowed it down to the combination of up and right ( if you looking directly at the screen) as being the problem,... i simply used two morphs, eyes up, which i put into the top middle box, and eyes down which i put into the bottom middle

i would just have to move the c type slider straight up and down only, if i wanted to access these morphs,.. now when i do that everything is fine.. but something intresting happens when i move the slider horizontal something intresting happens

let say i move the slider vertically all the way to the bottom to access the eyes down morph.. it works fine... if i move the slider horizontal to the left.... it works fine..if i move it horizontal to the right it works fine.. the eyes stay down the whole time...

now if i move the slider vertical all the way to the top to access the eyes up morph it works fine... when i move it vertically to the left it works fine eyes still stay up BUT when i move it to the right the the eyes go down to its normal position... it does not hold the morph.

im thinking its something with the reaction manager or the wire parameters which i have a little knowledge of at best. i can work my way around with a guide but to decipher an issue from scratch i would do more harm than good. .. so there hopefully this helps you and anyone else trying to use this wonderful script!

so in closing there seems to be an issue with the top right box.. its not holding the morph i tried diffrent morphs and got the same results.

sgiovanni's picture

what about the one u have posted

and what about the rig vader ms you have posted here. i have not tried it yet. but i will now though..

also i had another question regarding the "make controls script" lets say i am using type c control, and I plug in four morphs eyees up eyes down eyes left and eyes right. and plug the into thier respective boxes,, eyes up to the top middle box, eyes down to the bottom middle box etc. ,.. when i do that every position works except for the eyes up, eyes left combination.. ( if you were looking at the screen it would be the boxes to the right, i plugged the eyes left morph in the the one in the right middle, the corners have no morphs) when i use the eyes up eyes left combination uses the " eyes up eyes down" combination.. every other combo works

eyes up , eyes down, eyes up right, eyes down right, and eyes down left they all work but when i slide the circle to make the " eyes up left" combination the eyes use the "eyes down left" morph,.. have you had any experience with this.. ? if so do you have a fix or any suggestions?

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morph o matic

Hi. The rig vadar completely replaces the need for any other facial animation plug in. It will be commercially available soon at site currently under consctruction. It will sell for around $200.

sgiovanni's picture

Question about "facial animation control

my head does not use the regular morpher modifier for max, .. it uses morph o matic.. will i still be able to use the "facial animation control plugin"
I messaged you on the "facial aniamtion control" download page here on scriptspot but you put that page up a whila go.. this is your most recent page so i figure you would check this more..

floatingworld's picture

possible trojan

there is possible a Trojan in last posted version.(16p) Probably harmless but best to delete any copies. Will post fresh version soon

notapix's picture

very well

excuse the long time of my answer.
thanks for your clarification. this is great.
I, as ignorant to the matter "script", I understood incorrectly your notice.

gladly I will use your script.
thank you again.

floatingworld's picture


What is it you wish to do? DO you have a copy of the rig vadar?

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