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Macroscript ThePuppetTool 1.1 for 3dsmax 2010 (also works in 3dsmax 2008, 2009)
Should work in versions 2011, 2012, 2013

Cat/Biped selector with many powerful features, such as:

1. Automatically make Biped matched current human CAT-rig
2. Paste opposite for human CAT-rig
3. Select All, select Opposite, easy select any bones of human characters by clicking on ImgTags (also with dbl-click, alt and ctrl of course)
4. Keys remover
5. Keys type changer

New in version 1.1
1. Added some tags and buttons to select more limbs
2. Increased selection performance
3. aam removed
4. sss added - selection sets


Install to older versions:

1. Copy file ThePuppetTool.mcr and folder ThePuppetTool to max folder \UI\MacroScripts.
2. Run 3dsmax, go to Customize\Customize User Interface\Toolbars, and create new toolbar.
3. Select "ScriptAttack" from Category list and drag label "ThePuppetTool v1.1" to your toolbar. The button will be created there.
If you wish, you may drag the label to any standard toolbar without creating you own toolbar.

Keep in mind, Biped or Cat character have to be in your scene before you run the script, otherwise script will be closed automatically.


Version Requirement: 
3ds max 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013


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Strob's picture

Can't make it work with max 2013.

Could someone please share its mcr file working with max 2103?

Gspoutnik's picture

my dream come true

i'm an old french cat user because biped is a nightmare for to conforming VS catrig but i know that biped is more efficient for pure animation...
1 little bug, the lenght scale of the foot is reverse int the cat to biped process...
cant you change that or perhaps the axis length of the cat rig has its important (i'm using the default axis orientation).
can you tell us the limitations of your script:
number of twist bones max, spines, quadruped? etc...

Thanks you are the best.

Kunst's picture

and in 2013...

to make it work, I've found out you need to paste the puppettool archives (repair.gif and the.mse at least) on the appdata\usermacros folder like:

"C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2013 - 64bit\ENU\usermacros\ThePuppetTool\ThePuppetTool.mse"

and when you run the puppet tool once as usual after the usual install from user customize in 3dsmax, it will give you the usual "isopen" error. Then change this line on the macroscript that automatically opens

if check=="\\" then a="HERE THE PATH THAT I'VE PASTED ABOVE".

and save the mcr.

That will do!

Cheers guys.

asymptote's picture

@hakim_the1 You need to learn


You need to learn the basic functions of cat and/or biped then this script will make more sense to you.

hakim_the1's picture

I am using max 2009 .. and i

I am using max 2009 .. and i need and video tutorial of this.. can u help me in that...

asymptote's picture

Thanks for the info Kunst, it

Thanks for the info Kunst, it works perfectly.

Kunst's picture


I managed to fix the "isopen" error simply paying attention the
line that says where the macroscript should be installed.

So you need to put thepuppettool folder inside ui\macroscript folder
and run the mcr from 3dsmax2012\scripts.

Go to customize and choose the way you want it
to run (button or keyboard shortcut).

Just registered to tell you guys. This community has
done so well to me I felt like I had to do it :)

bippuppet2012.jpg 62.21 KB
asymptote's picture

My bad , (it helps if you

My bad , (it helps if you install it properly) works fine in 2010,If there's no update for 2011 or 2012, can anyone suggest a similar useful tool ?

asymptote's picture

Doesn't work in Max 2010

Doesn't work in Max 2010 after applying sp1, Unknown property: "isOpen"in undefined......looks like this is abandonware.....shame it was very usefull tool. Any way to get this working after updates and hotfixes ?

MarkD's picture

Any chance we could get an

Any chance we could get an updated CAT to Biped function that correctly creates the hands? With the addition of knuckle bones to biped I think the script breaks and fails to do the hands correctly, there are a lot of bones in the hands and having this fixed, would be great!

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