ThinkingParticles MasterDynamic Control

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This is my first Script here at Scriptspot, I did it quite a while ago. TP MasterDynamic Control has pretty much the same function as the MasterDynamic Controls in TP itself. The Script makes it possible to change parameters outside of TP.

You can modify several TP systems in one scene. The script will either search for a System or will take the selected TP system on opening the script.

MasterDynamic Control is also able to Render TP systems where the Master Dynamic is turned off. Just check the "On in render" checkbox and it will render. This is very helpful if your TP-System slows down your Viewports too much.

I hope you will find it kind of useful =)

Use this script on your own risk!

*version 1.2
- "ON in Render" won't turn on all of the scene TP systems anymore. Now it works object based
- The currently selected TP system is written as Groupbox caption

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