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TP Tuner

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This tool is for adding details for your fractured model's internal faces , cracks and so on. It offers a built in solution for doing so without the need of external plugins by using 3ds max default modifiers in a clever and systematic way.

Thinking Particles Script Operator Generator

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Fixes in v0.3

-Saves changes to output names

-No error when canceling out of file save





This is a script to take away the redundancy when generating a TP4 Script operator.

TP easy joint

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Script for easy creation cebas Thinking Particles joints between two objects and tweak their properties.

TP autojoint script

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Script for placing cebas TP joint helpers(Shape collision only) between objects.

It's a fast and "dirty" way to make lot of joint helpers with auto linking to objects.

The good idea is to check distance between objects BEFORE press button "Place joints".

In other case it can freeze and create a thousand of joints.

Require a "TP easy joint script" to work with joint properties after approval placing.


ThinkingParticles MasterDynamic Control

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