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Roberto Martinelli

UVall! is a script that adds a modifier UVWmap to each selected object. The UV addition is of cubic type. Script UVall! lets you choose the size of the UV map, offering three choices: 1, 10, 100. The unit of these values is set in the project.
UVall! has also an UNDO button that lets you cancel UV set to the script, if you feel they have chosen the proper fit. You can choose another measure, evaluate and possibly change it.

UVall! a script is very useful especially for those working on Architectural projects, in which 90% of the UVW maps are of cubic type.
Have the UVW map all of the same size can be an advantage in handling textures.

UVall! is a commercial tool. You'll can buy it at 1€.

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Bug Fixed. I tested it on max 2014 and 1012. If somebody test it on other 3dsMax version, please write about it by a comment. Thank you,
Roberto Martinelli.
[email protected]

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3dsMax 2012
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