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UVW Box mapping adding

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Simple macroscipt for adding simple UVW box mapping with 100x100x100 units.
Very useful for archiviz.
Tested in 2017 version, but as it is simple macro code I am pretty shore it will work on every 3dsmax version.
Run the script, open Customize menu, go to Keyboard tab and assign some letter of number, and that is it!


BTW, there is similar script, commercial, with interface, but with just one button click, this the way more faster!
...and most important, do not forget TO SELECT object before starting the macro!


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UVall! is a script that adds a modifier UVWmap to each selected object. The UV addition is of cubic type. Script UVall! lets you choose the size of the UV map, offering three choices: 1, 10, 100. The unit of these values is set in the project.
UVall! has also an UNDO button that lets you cancel UV set to the script, if you feel they have chosen the proper fit. You can choose another measure, evaluate and possibly change it.

UVall! a script is very useful especially for those working on Architectural projects, in which 90% of the UVW maps are of cubic type.

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