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This is a Script that allows to recording and Grab the active viewport during the work. You can select any viewport during recording. Veersion 1.1

Based on 'Create a Quick Preview' by Borislav 'Bobo' Petrov (

New in release version 1.1:
Revision code (work in progress)
Revision the Interface
Add save path button image "Output Save Path Image"
Add save path button video "Output Save Path Video"
Add checkbox uniquename file image "Uniquename File Image"

Video Capture Select Viewport v.1.1







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Copy and Paste the folder "LogoVCSV" inside in the "ui" folder in directory xxx:\\Autodesk\3ds Max 2010\ui

Intall Macroscript Normally. You can find it under the category Michele71_Tools

Attention! During the recording video (.avi, .mov, .tga) there need of lot space on the Harddisk !!
The defoult the file Video are stored in your running project folder in the Preview folder (es. C:\\\\3dsmax\Preview)
The defoult the file Image are stored in your running project folder in the Preview folder(es.C:\\\\3dsmax\sceneassets\Image)

--- Hoe Use Video Capture Select Viewport v.1.1:

1) Rollout Grab Image Select Viewport

In Select File Image, you can choose the type of file for the image to save
With Output Save Path Image, you choose the path of the save image
In New Name Image, you can rename the image
N.B. If you no choose path save, all the bitmap they are saved in the folder -Image- in the your running project folder.
Check Open Image After Capture for open a clipboard of the image
Uniquename allow the save the file image with number unique
Use Capture Image to the grab the active viewport

2) Rollout Grab Video Select Viewport

In Setting Video Capture, you can choose the type of file for the video"
In New Video name, you can rename the video"
N.B. All the video, they are saved in the folder -Preview- in the your running project folder.
The video with the same name or do not name, they will be over-written
In -Frame per Second-, you determine the frame of the registered video
Check Open RamPlayer after Record to open RamPlayer
Here you can see the video and save him in the format that you want
Press button Play/Stop record To begin/stop the recording
Warning: Record in .Avi requires a lot of space on the Harddisk!
In group Time Caption you see the number of the frame during the recording and the past time
Press the button Reset Time to reset the timer

VideoCaptureSelectViewport.rar111.83 KB


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Michele71's picture

I suggest you use my script

I suggest you use my script for short recordings (just small steps)and Image snapshot. Try a screen rec. for big recording screen ;) (try to see this free rec sceen Camstudio )

alidur's picture

I am using 3dsmax 2010 - 64bit.

So it's max 2010 - 64 bit. Should I be trying 32bit to do it or you come with the solution soon ? :)
otherwise, I think I should try a screen recording or smth ? what do you suggest ?



Michele71's picture

Max2011 has this problem (any

Max2011 has this problem (any file .mov don't work). I am aware of this problem on some forums...

The script has been tested with XP Professional 32bit and with Max2010 32bit it work well.

I must do more experiment and see how to fix it ;)

alidur's picture

mov file type export - 2

Or is it something about the mov codec (I'm using vista 64), since it's Macos originated. I installed quicktime pro but still doesn't seem to capture any mov file ?

Michele71's picture

Yes Ali, you're rights! If

Yes Ali, you're rights!

If you use 3dsMax(2010/2011)64bit there is a problem, especially 3dsMax 2011. I must fix this problem...

I have tested with Max2010-64bit and it dont work, while with 32bit yes.

Which Max you uses?

alidur's picture

mov file type export -

Hey Michele,

Thanks for the response. I'd like to summarize what happens: I got that warning at the very first moment I press play/stop recording, then I click OK and it starts to do the recording. But when I stop it, as opposed to avi and tga formats, there is no video file in my destination folder.

Could it have been saving somewhere else or not saving .mov at all ?

Thanks again,


Michele71's picture

Hi Alidur and thanks for

Hi Alidur and thanks for using my script :)

The message "Open Video in QuickTime" tells you to open the saved file .mov, with the player QuickTime externally to the work area of 3dsMAx ;)

You normally, record the video and LATER, open the file .mov (it is situated in your saved folder)

That's all!

Tip: Recording in .Mov, allows you to create long video with less space busy on HD ;)

alidur's picture

about the .mov file type export

Hi there,

First of all thanks for the script, it's such a precise and useful tool to work with. I am trying to capture a camera view walkthrough and besides avi and tga formats, I wasn't able to save in mov file. Each time I select it and click play/stop record; there comes up a max script warning window saying : "OPEN VIDEO IN QUICTIME". I didn't know what that means, if it requires to open a new file or warns me to close one, although no video is being open at that moment. Even though it seems like recording with the button red, there is no outcome at the destination folder.

Your help is greatly appreciated


Michele71's picture

@pifitas: @harumscarum: Thank


Thanks guys for your suggestions and encouragement! I'll see what I can do to meet your needs! Patience is the virtue of strong men;)


You are right: In 64bit max2010 some things do not work well. I am confused because I have version 32 and 64 bits. Thanks for your suggestion and sorry :)

pifitas's picture



Hi again Michele

I was trying script and noticed is records (captures) what 3ds max is showing, not "saving each frame". I mean:

I have a complex scene, wich consumes a lot of memory, and is doesn't run smoothly whitin max, PLAY animation freezes, shows geometry as box and so on...

so, if I use script, it "records" a poor animation, even, I have to press PLAY under animation for start recording, and STOP script once animation finish otherwise it continues recording. Result: not smooth/fluid preview from what it records

My suggestion (question)is: Can you make script in fact CAPTURE EACH FRAME for animation, without depending on PLAYING ANIMATION? something like: savin frame 001, 002, 003, 004 etc...
otherwise script works similar to any CAPTURE WINDOW PROGRAM (camtasia).

I think posibility to save frame by frame, even if it takes a while for recording will result in a better (and real) preview from animation.

And, like I said: since it is only a preview, output format can be also JPG or whatever format (must inlude settings for save), this way we will have 300 frames in 20-30 MB instead 200-300 MB in AVI, TGA or MOV file (s).

Hope you can help us.
I don't know anything from script, and dont want to buggin you. Sorry, but your script makes me think a lot about it. It's a must-have option endeed...

Anyway, I really apreciate your job and all support for us
THANK YOU MAN!!! :) God bless you.

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