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This is a simple script to help viewport controls when working in max.I have tested it with max 8 but i don't see why it should not work in versions below. This script opens up a dialog to help switch between the different views without hotkeys - and using the drop down menu - i have now added more buttons for faster work.

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i sometimes work in expert mode (when animating) - and i found it quite annoying when i had to switch views - especially
because there was no quick key for the back and right views - i developed this to make work easier
and faster

-Version 0.1
Added original 2d views to the script.
-Version 0.3
Added perspective and User Views
-Version 0.7
The perspective and user buttons now enable have zoom extents all on to stop the glitch in the rotation
-Version 0.9
Added top and the expert mode toggle button.
-Version 1.0
Added Viewport toggle and grid toggle buttons.
-Version 1.2
Better layout
-Version 1.4
Added Rollout and wireframe toggle options
-Version 1.6
Added the zoom extent rollouts
-Version 1.5
Eliminated Rollouts as it felt cluttered - and it was fiddly with resizing etc.

-Coming soon
Going to add custom colour options for the script.

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