VRay material to Standard material

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Afshin Karimi

this script converts all scene VRay materials to max's standard material.
it keeps diffuse color and diffuse map. right now it works with multi sub-object materials if you guys found it useful ,I can add support for other maps like transparency and reflection, refraction and etc.

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just run the script.

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AK-VRmtl to standard.ms523 bytes


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Octane to Standard

Hi Afshink! I'm developing a script to convert Octane to Standard materials. Just checked yours and it's pretty much the same as mine. There is one problem, though. Objects that are using the same material will generate multiple identical materials, instead of applying the same material to every object. Any idea on how to fix that?

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what is the script name ? i

what is the script name ? i just download and run inti max but i dont the script name that will show UI ? no tutorial vedio ? worst time wasting site it is

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Cool script

Thank you very much! Works great.
I had one VRayOverrideMtl and insite 2 VrayMtl - that was the only one how dont was convert. All other was perfect.

Thank you one more time. :)

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hello again! i used it again

hello again! i used it again and i think sth good happened ,it didn't show any error but now i don't know what to do after running the script! i mean what are the steps after running the script for converting vray to standard?
thanks again!

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hi i used this in 2013 and it

hi i used this in 2013 and it doesn't work properly,and got an error. i copied the script in maxscripteditor as u said and saved it and ran it. what else should i do?

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reagrding the maps

where does the converted maps get stored, I am unable to find

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3ds max 2012 OR 2013?

Seems to be a great weapon... :)
Does it work in 3ds max 2012 OR 2013..!!?

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I use 3ds MAX 2012

I use 3ds MAX 2012

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Can't use this script

Hi everybody,
When I open a link http://www.scriptspot.com/files/AK-VRmtl%20to%20standard.ms
I copy a text and open maxscript editor, paste it and save. But when I run this script nothing happen. Can you show me how to use this script? Thank you very much ( sorry about my poor english )

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Convert selected objects material only


I really like your script!

There is only one thing that would come in very handy.
I dont know if you are still able to do this, but
it would be a great feature to convert only the selected objects materials.

ChriS :)

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