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Dave Buchhofer

A very compact dialog with a few additional presets for the Vray renderer.

When opened it will save a temporary preset of your current render dialog values. From now on you can adjust whatever you wish without worry of screwing up your production render settings.

Categories: Irradiance Map, QMC Sampler, Glossy, Reflection, AA, and RenderSize

each has a small array of progressively lower quality higher speed settings that you can throw in for quick test rendering.

StupidLow/StupidLow settings work pretty well for lighting and material iterative testing. Especially when combined with the Crop/Region selected.

When you close the presets window, it will ask if you wish to 'keep' your newly low settings or whether you would like to restore the settings you had previous to opening up the dialog.

-- .2 -> .3 changes
-- changed QMC to DMC to fit with the SP2 versions of vray
-- changed the image size quick presets to respect the aspect ratio


Looks messy, Personally finding it quite useful however ;)


Edit: fixed a broken link by request! 

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For All: After a bit of

For All:

After a bit of research i figured it out.

All of Jerry Ylilammi's (aka Bercon) scripts can be found here:


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@vsai I think your onto


I think your onto something with your script - it needs a bit of refinement though.

I am interested in trying the script you mention "MasterBercon's preview render script" but was unable to find it on the link you provided.

Can you help me with this?


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Hey Maxxer, Sure i'll update

Hey Maxxer, Sure i'll update it, Its just a matter of that they renamed QMC to DMC in all the internal nameing of the maxscript settings lol.

i haven't really used this script in a while personally as i've been using MasterBercon's preview render script which is a bit more full featured, and applies the settings only for the time that you hit render. http://www.chaosgroup.com/forums/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=38984&highli...

but i dont think he ever got around to submitting it to scriptspot ;)

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...and I would not use

...and I would not use Adaptive subdivison AA but ADMC. :)

also great would be if we get a minimze button for the script. because of the fact, that closing it would apply the original settings. maybe a cancel button also. I often want to close it, but can't undo the command.

further would be great if the script would respect the image aspect.

best regards

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hello I use the script every


I use the script every day, but it doesn't work properly with vray 1.5 SP2. the qmc sampler in the script makes some problems when clicking on it. could you update the script to work with vray 1.5 SP2? that would be great!!!

best regards

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I like it~~Thx for share~

I like it~~Thx for share~

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Very efficient script... i

Very efficient script... i vote for it !

It make rational and extremely optimized testing and preview sessions, with no modification of the render settings.

don't hesit to make "high" and "production" settings, changing AA type with "lot of blur" checkbox to swith between Adaptive subdiv and AQMC..

Excellent script !!!!!!


jerome Prévost (Subburb)

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