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Regimantas Valiukas

Simple Macro for quick VRay studio. Very conveniently for testing materials, etc.


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Macroscripts (.mcr) should be placed in maxroot\UI\Macroscripts, and are then accessed through the "Customize User Interface" menu in 3ds max. You can then assign the script to a keystroke, or a button. Macroscript will appear under the "S_VRay Tools" category in the dropdown.

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3ds max 9/10(2008)


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Just register an account with

Just register an account with UN/PW on the site and go to Download / Free ;o)

Raymond H.Ingebretsen - http://www.homme3d.com

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^_^ can you give free?

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MAXscript Rollout Handler Exception

When i press the Render! button in your script i get a MAXscript Rollout Handler Exception that says "-- Unsble to convert: false to type: Integer

All the other buttons work fine, and if i render through the Randerer dialog it renders, just not when i click the render button.

Max 2010 SP1 x64.




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Macroscript updated: adds

Macroscript updated: adds support for V-Ray 1.5 SP3, SP4.
The previous version also is accessible.

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i need it!!

i need it!!

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so good!!

so good!!

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I can't find the script.

I can't find the script. Where is it exactly? I tried to download it from the page you provided but ther's no link anywhere.


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Siger, It would be great


It would be great that there were more options for the base and environment options. For example it would be good to have an extra map button for the environment, just for speeding things a little more.

And It also would be a great to have an infinite black set with heavy reflections on the ground.

You may also consider to use choices for different infinite-white stage techniques. (Using a large plane which has feathered edges to blend with the white bg, or using fog method)

These are just opinions, I appreciate your work and interest.


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Hi Siger, some time ago I

Hi Siger,
some time ago I send you a mail to ask if I could use part of your code to create a better version of the script. Because you don't answer me, I used the code but sure not for sale or somithing like that,but just for an open source project ( me degree in Design). I want inform you that my script,based on yours, is now available in my section of this site...
If you want to:
-I can write our name together in the about (credits) section
-You can use the new code to create your own fork
-Put the script in your site (in this case I hope you put my name somewhere in the credits)
Tell me if you are interested in some of these things :D
Best Regards

Ps:sorry for my bad English

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