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Alaa Al Nahlawi

If you work in vfx field then you will appreciate this tool, VTrack is a vertices tracking scripted tool that allows you to track a selected vertex or an averaged vertices position of a deformed mesh (Alembic or point cached) and create a point helper with a backed animation of the tracked position.

You can use it later as a source for your effect ( blood burst, explosion... you name it) or you can turn on that point animation trajectory so you can visualize the animation path of that area in the mesh.

I created it while I was working on a movie lately they provided me with a plane skidding on the ground (Alembic cache file) , and they ask for wheels marks on the ground.

This inspired me writing this useful tool to capture the animation of the ground touching verts of the wheel where I can later convert the animation path into a curve that can be used to model the skid mark.

It's so easy to use, just apply edit mesh or poly to your cached mesh and hit VTrack...

Kindest Regards.

Alaa Alnahlawi

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using tracked vertices for 3d plane

Hi. I'm trying to use your VTrack script (excellent by the way!!) as a source for the following Max code below I found on Autodesk's site...Is there an easy way to take 3 tracked vertices creates with the VTrack script, and have them be automatically used as a replacement for 'p1, p2, and p3' to generate the plane in the script below?

VTrack is currently creating Helpers called "Point01, Point02, and Point03" with 3 successful 'passes'...just not sure how to do this, or if it is possible.

Sorry...obviously I'm just learning how to do this :)


--Create a plane and 3 point helper
thePlane = Plane()
p1 = point pos:[40,-10,30]
p2 = point pos:[20,30,40]
p3 = point pos:[-10,-20,30]
--Create a Transform Script and assign it to the Plane
ctrl = transform_script()
thePlane.transform.controller = ctrl
--Create three Node variables and assign the Helpers to them
ctrl.addNode"p1" p1
ctrl.addNode"p2" p2
ctrl.addNode"p3" p3
--We create a variable to hold the expression
--We calculate the vector from Point01 to Point02
txt ="v1 = normalize (p2.pos-p1.pos)\n"
--and the vector from Point01 to Point03
txt +="v2 = normalize (p3.pos-p1.pos)\n"
--The cross product of the two vectors is the normal to the plane
txt +="nv1 = normalize (cross v1 v2)\n"
--The cross product of the normal and vector 1gives us a third axis
txt +="nv2=normalize(cross nv1 v1)\n"
--We create a matrix3 value using he first vector,
--and the two cross products which are all orthogonal to each-other.
--The translation part .row4 is the middle point
--of the 3 points' positions:
txt +="matrix3 v1 nv2 nv1 ((p1.pos+p2.pos+p3.pos)/3)"
--Assign the expression to the script controller
ctrl.setExpression txt

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thanks for share

thanks for share

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