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This script helps with preparing for export to Maya or UV Layout. It works on all selected objects. (Note: It is meant to be used in combination with my other scripts)

Actions that takes for both preparing export to Maya and UV Layout:
- Runs the waRp RemoveTurbo script (this script can work without it)
- Weld option welds each selected objects' vertices by the threshold amount
- Show Ngons runs the waRp Ngons script (you have to have this script in order to use this functionality)

Actions it takes for preparing export to Maya:
- Collapses the modifier stack to Editable Poly
- Deletes all animation keys
- Sets the smoothing groups to autosmooth at 45 degrees
- Uses Reset Xform
- Adds Edit Poly modifier
- The DownTile option will put all UV patches to the first UV tile (Note: you have to have waRp SelectionSets script in order to use this feature)
- If the rename_grp option is checked then it will add the suffix "_grp" to all the
containers in the selection (if any). Useful if you have a script that then converts all locators back to groups once the objects are imported in maya. ( Note: When using the sent to Maya feature, all containers are converted to locators once imported in Maya)

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Installation: Just drag and drop the script into the 3ds max viewport. Then go to Customize > Customize Interface > category: waRp Tools > Prepare scene for export in Maya or UV Layout

Other scripts that this script calls:
- UV Pipe (mod by Miauu) can be found here: http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/3dsmax-uvlayout-uvpipe-mod-by-...
I'd like to thank Kostadin Kotev for modding this script

It was only tested in 3ds Max 2013

Tutorial for prepare UV Layout: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMVJRGdrVMI#t=4m14s
Tutorial for prepare Maya: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMVJRGdrVMI#t=34m59s

If you like all of the scripts that are in the tutorial you can download them by clicking the warp_tools_bundle.rar in the attachment

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3ds max 2013
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