[ 3dsMax <> UVLayout ] UVPipe mod by miauu

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Robert Fletcher, Norman Schaar aka "Norman3D", Kostadin Kotev aka "miauu"

This script will allow you to send the selected objects to UVLayout and get them back.

This is useful when you wants to have more than one object in the same UV square.

All editable poly objects from the selection(selected objects or groups) will be sent to UVlayout.

It's a modified version of Norman "Norman3D" Schaar's  script, which is modified version of Robert Fletcher's script.

Changes made by me:

  • Now you can send to and receive from UVLayout more than one object, not only one, as it is in the previous versions of the script. Idea Zarko Bojkovski.
  • The groups(nested also) are supported. 

Changes made by Norman3D:


  • User will now be given the choice to close UVLayout if the object was deleted while editing.
  • Rewrote script to support modifiers and avoid colapssing of the stack.
  • UVPipe will attempt to find uvlayout.exe automatically. 
  • Moved creation of temp and config files to User directories to avoid write-errors due to lack of admin rights in restricted environments, typically at work. 
  • Rewrote the functions so that no "temp" mesh is left behind in the max scene while editing. 
  • Objects with spaces in their names can now be send to UVLayout. 
  • Removed tiling button. 
  • Various bug fixes.

Installation: Drag and Drop the UVPipe_mod_by_miauu.mzp file on 3dsMax. A button will be automatically added to the Main Toolbar.



Version Requirement: 
up to 2011
Video URL: 
uvpipe_mod_by_miauu.mzp7.98 KB


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The RizomUV/Unfold3D Bridge Extended Edition cost only $5 and keeps modifiers.

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request for rizom bridge

Very great bridge tool ! So it will be Cool to have got similar thing for Unfold3d of RizomLab! I know something of similar script exists but it cannot be applied to objects with modifier stack ...it requieres poly mode only ..and i wish this one to work fine with stacked modifiers objects! Thanks in advanse!

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Love this script

Thanks for all the effort and hard work.

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Hi, Trueman!

I don't have time to fix the script.

You can use the UVPipe mod by Norman3D, which works with no problems.

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Hi! Great script. I use it a

Hi! Great script. I use it a long time but now I changed my win7 to win8 and script stopped working. It still sends my model to UVL and bring it back. It still creates modifier "UVW Mapping Paste" but it has no influence on my UV mapping. Is there any way to fix it?
(Max 2012 x64)

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Need to fix

Yes, it's true, unfortunatly script nned to fix. It's easy to check - Just create in 3ds max Box with 2 segments for all sides, convert to EditablePoly, send to UVLayout, unwrap it by sides and send back to 3ds max. Now add unwrap and look cleare

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With MAX everything is possible. :)

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Interesting moment, when i import obj from UVLayout by hand in 3dmax it work fine.

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My version of this script uses buil-in obj exporter/importer. Since max2012 or max2013 the exporter did not import objects corectly. So this error happens.
Norman's version uses diffrernt aproach, avoiding the buil-in obj exrporter/importer, so there are no errors.
My version is faster, but since I don't know what happens with the export/import tool I can fix it.

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Great script, but when i send uv in 3d max and apply checker it show me not correct result. How can i resolve this problem?
uvlayuot 2.08.01
win 7 x64
3d max 2013 x64

upd. I try to use Norman3D script and this problem not repited.

uvpipe.jpg 459.91 KB
uvpipe_norman3d.jpg 1.01 MB
uvpipe_miauu.max 296 KB

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