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WhatsMyName renames objects by picking a name from a list. You can create these lists (dictionaries) yourself and share them with teammembers.

You can create your own dictionaries and edit them. Assign new words, assign colors and more options are available. Check out the blog for more info and tutorials.

Updated v007:

  • minor bugfixes
  • compatible max 2013 and up

Updated v006:

  • improved compatibility with max 2011 and max 2010
  • some gui improvements
  • helped by Branko Živković

Updated v005:

  • studio setup: centralize your library for use with multiple people
  • capture words from the current scene: drag&drop objectnames in the scene directly into your library
  • gui: find the word you need from the list by typing the first few characters

Updated v004:

  • dialog remembers location
  • multiple libraries supported
  • drag drop to manage words
  • improved gui
  • multi-word input
Additional Info: 

Install the script by dragging the mzp-file into your viewport, or by running it from the maxscript menu. After that you can link the script to a keyboard shortcut or by creating a button on a toolbar. You can find the script under the "Klaas tools" category.

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grabjacket's picture

Hi igamaximus, that's a great

Hi igamaximus,

that's a great idea. It hadn't occurred to me!
It could be added by either renaming the current layer, or by creating new layers with the selected word. Or both of course. Do you have a suggestion as to how you'd like this implemented?
I'll try to add it to the next release or the one after that.

igamaximus's picture

Thank you for this great script!

Can you please expand possibilities much by adding the same approach to layers also, beside object names? Many people work with fully layered max scenes and layer names can be even more important to them than object names i suppose. Maybe if this possibility could be "connected" somehow with create layer from selected object dialog, that would be amazing, or any other fast method.

Thanks again.

grabjacket's picture

Hello Jsrocha, thanks for the

Hello Jsrocha,
thanks for the kind remarks and for the suggestion. The next update will support behavior similar to what you've described along with some other neat new features.

jsrocha's picture


Hi Klaas, very useful script, thanks. I have a suggestion to improve it:
is it possible to make a filter to the names? i mean, the script needs a field where the user can type the name he is looking for, and as he types, the script starts to filter the names. Example, the user starts to type "w" and the list below filters only the names that starts with "w", and as the user types the word the filter gets more accurate. This is very useful when you have a large amount of words (i do :)
There´s a script by Alexander Kramer called "quick select and rename" that have this filter i´m talking about. If you want to take a look, heres the website (is in a pack with a lot of other good scripts):


That´s it man, thanks a lot for your attention and for the script ;)


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Great idea!

Well done.



grabjacket's picture

Sure, that's a good

Sure, that's a good suggestion. I'm storing preferences already, so storing position shouldn't be very hard. I'm also considering docking it. Though I can't imagine this would be the most useful script to have docked and opened all the time!

NikkoN's picture

Thanks. And it is possible to

Thanks. And it is possible to make so that the script window memorize the position on the screen?

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