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Yusuph Wickama

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Hey whats up guys!

I'd like to present to you my new script called : "Easy Pivot"

Its a really simple but very useful script. What it basically does is that it places the Pivot Point of an object onto vaious specified positions via the dropdown list... I Hope this will help other folks out there who are getting trouble dealing with pivot or a wasting unnecessary time...Wink

Additional Info: 

 If you like to run scripts through the Maxscript menu everytime u want to launch it, then just run the "Easy Pivot.ms" file and you are good to Go!. But if you like to ease the process and a create a menu item instead, just follow through the tutorial!

Installation steps:

1. Click on the MaxScript menu & choose "Run Script..."

2. Browse & choose the "Wickerfilms-EasyPivot.mcr" file

Note: It will seem like nothing happened

3. Click on the "Customize" menu item and choose "Customize User Interface"

4. Go to the menu Tab and create a new menu called "Wickerfilms"

5. Scroll down through the bottom left panel named "Menus" and find "Wickerfilms"

6. Drag "Wickerfilms" to the main menu items on the right to a position of your choosing.

7. Go to the "Category" dropdownlist on the upper left and choose "Wickerfilms"

Note : You should now see "Easy Pivot", If successful.

8. Back to the menu item panel on the right, click on the "+" sign beside "Wickerfilms"

9. Drag "Easy Pivot" to the "Wickerfilms" Menu item on the right.

Now you should be able to run Easy Pivot right from the main menu!

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2011
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easy_pivot_v1.01.zip7.81 KB