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It is a project management tool that let’s you focus on the right task at the right time by the right person, and WizPro offers you all the features you’ll ever need in a compact and easy to use application that’s always online, needs no setup cost, and doesn’t take away your valuable time to do the management, instead let’s you work on your highest priority task right away.

  • Polished user interface: Plan, track and make progress with WizPro’s intuitive UX that has a very minimal learning curve, so you can get started right away.

  • Full agile support: Use WizPro to manage your backlog, plan sprints, track individual member’s progress and generate metric driven reports.

  • Rich reporting system: WizPro generates the right reports for you right away that tells you what’s going on in your project at a single glance.

  • Built In community support: WizPro is tightly integrated with Wizardmeet’s vast community, so you can choose the exact kind of people you need to collaborate with and communicate with people for help and support.

To know more visit : https://wizardmeet.com/WizBiz




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Open wizardmeet.com project management software through asset browser

place this script under scripts/startups folder...launch 3dsMax

Customize (MainMenu) > Customize User Interface (Menu) > ToolBars (Tab) > Category > WizardMeet

Drag WizardMeet Project Management Software to toolbar

wizardmeet_project.ms546 bytes