Xray CAT Survival Toolkit 1.0 is here!

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Raylight srl - 02013

From the creators of Xrayunwrap and XrayBlendSkin, CAT ST is the new solution for all CAT users, from beginners to advanced. Its features are designed to improve the main aspects of CAT and considerably speed up the workflow. Rig Creation: CAT ST offers a set of shortcuts to the most useful 3dsmax functions regarding the creation and setup of a new rig. Layer Manager: We have designed a new, more friendly user interface to easily manage all the CAT layers and their properties, to instantly switch between "Setup" and "Animation" mode, and much more! Pose Manager: In Setup Mode, CAT allows to copy and paste rig objects poses, but not in Animation Mode; with our enhanced Pose Manager, you can copy and paste poses, mirror the rig, swap arms, hands, legs and feet with only one mouse click. In addition, all rig poses are stored with a preview image to easily retrieve them when you need, and a Limb Animation section is included to switch between IK and FK mode when animating a limb. Clip Manager: This simple tool allows you to manage (load, save and delete) all your CAT clips. Very useful, for example, if you need to backup all your CAT layers and load them into another rig. Joystick Creator: To be released also separately in the future, our Joystick Creator is an easy and useful tool for all riggers and animators. It allows to create a simple yet powerful on-screen user interface, giving you control over the weights of all CAT rig layers and the possibility to associate them a morph target, to add even more control on the animations. Utilities: Plus, a set of utilities is included for importing BIP, BVH, HTR files, motion capture animations, also including our fixed rig resizer script! CAT ST will bring your productions to a whole new level, by automatizing annoying and time-consuming tasks, and letting you concentrate on your creativity. For more information please contact us at the following address [email protected]

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Great work, LUV it, THANK YOU :) !

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How does this interact with

How does this interact with all the CAT bugs ?

.eb's picture

This looks nice..I'll be buying this!

This looks nice..I'll be buying this!

I'd love to see XrayUnwrap for 2013.
** I'll pay again for it if that helps. Thx. **

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Hi Ficolo, nice! But I wrote you on your forum about XRayUnwrap for 3ds max 2013, but you never answer me. Please, can you update your GREAT Unwrapping plug-in? Francesco ;)

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that's looking interesing!

that's looking interesing! what will it cost an when will it come?

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