1 Click AO Render

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Benjamin Boscher

Here is the link to the documentation.
This script allows you to get an AO render of your scene and take screenshots very quickly.

If you have any requests or feedback, feel free to contact me to [email protected]
or in the comment section down here ;)

Update 2017/09/01, Version 1.2:

- Added the screenshot feature.
- Now the "AO Render" button get a random color each time you press it^^

Update 2017/06/06:

- Fixed the .mzp file, now it works, sorry about that.

Additional Info: 

How it works

• Just drag n drop the .ms file into the 3DS Max viewport

• Or drag n drop the .mzp file into the 3DS Max viewport, and then in Customize > Customize user interface, you'll find this script under the N00BY category ;)


Tested on 3DSMax 2015 & 2016.


Version Requirement: 
2016 or below