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Andrei Kletskov (111)

This is a script that creates camera according to perspective lines on your image. It is sort of a beta version and has no error handling yet, so be warned:).

1 - get an image for which you want a camera being created.
2 - run the script (it is ordinary maxscript).
3 - press first button in UI and select the image
4 - an image plane and helper curve will be created
5 - modify helper curve (subcurves) so that they follow perspective lines, the vanishing points with three pairs of subcurves
6 - press the second button in UI, the camera with correct FOV will be created and another one, aligned to the image. That's all.
Testing needed, my tests show good results.

Acknowledgments go to sanctus (http://somesanctus.blogspot.com/), who made a similar script for maya, thank him a lot for the main idea.

how to use mini tutorial - http://andklv.narod.ru/tut_mini/minitut_10/111_cameraMatch_tutorial.html


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tip for AlexYu


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tip for AlexYu

after creating standard camera
press P to go from camera view to perspective
select vray camera (or just create one now)
and press ctrl+C
it will align vraycam to current view (it can be a bit different though)

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Good script. Thank you. Very helpfull

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nice script

Really good script and thank you for sharing.
Is is possible to create Vray Cam instead of a Max Cam?

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thx for the script

topic says all

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when I flipped the lines, the

when I flipped the lines, the one form the top goes to the bottom, the camera is not flipped (max 2012)

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Hi, Script looks promising. Is it possible to match interiors as well? I couldn't get it to work. I get extreme distorted results?



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mirrored camera solved

I hope I have solved the issue with mirrored camera (in version 0.4). In case camera islooking down, the aligned camera has appeared to be mirrored. Now this case should work ok.

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mirrored camera

Hi first off. this script is unbelievable good.
i use to pan, orbit, rotate,... till i got a good match.

with this , life's great :)

i also struggled with the mirrored camera. but it happened when the help lines didnt had a blunt angle.
can this be the cause?
when you get that lines good (blunt angle). the camera resolves ok.

and thanks again for this.


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mirrored camera

Yes, I've got same mirrored camera..

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