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Andrei Kletskov (111)

This is a script that creates camera according to perspective lines on your image. It is sort of a beta version and has no error handling yet, so be warned:).

1 - get an image for which you want a camera being created.
2 - run the script (it is ordinary maxscript).
3 - press first button in UI and select the image
4 - an image plane and helper curve will be created
5 - modify helper curve (subcurves) so that they follow perspective lines, the vanishing points with three pairs of subcurves
6 - press the second button in UI, the camera with correct FOV will be created and another one, aligned to the image. That's all.
Testing needed, my tests show good results.

Acknowledgments go to sanctus (http://somesanctus.blogspot.com/), who made a similar script for maya, thank him a lot for the main idea.

how to use mini tutorial - http://andklv.narod.ru/tut_mini/minitut_10/111_cameraMatch_tutorial.html


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THANKS, Andrei Kletskov!!!


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the link to the script fixed

some troubles with the hoster

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503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

what i do not download camera match?

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Tutorial in portuguese

This is a tutorial that show how to use this script:

The first part is about the script that come with max 2014 and the second part is about cameraMatch script.

Even if you don't know portuguese, I think it will be possible to understand.

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One vanishing point?

How do I have to put guide lines if photograph has only one vanishing point?

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Always the flipped camera problem

I did align the lines corretly but i have always the mirrored camera ( looking down ) i don't know why

Also when i download ur version i use v0.4, why it says that i use v 0.3 ?

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q: Is it possible to match interiors as well?

a: it is no matter what kind of a scene is depicted on an image. The obligatory thing is a cube - a thing with three faces perpendicular to each other. They are used to build guides for defining vanishing points. If your picture has a table or a cabinet or whatever square with all sides visible and not parallel to the camera, you can build guides and solve the camera.

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